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DURING the latest lockdown, several readers have noticed that the previously vacated Calne Police Station is being used as a hub by police officers again.

calne police stationIn January 2020, it was announced that Wiltshire Police officers and staff would be using Calne Leisure Centre and Pewsey The Vale Community Campus as local touchdown points whilst patrolling the local areas.

Wiltshire Police said that the stations no longer met the operational needs of the Force and the new touchdown points would make officers and staff more accessible to the public.

These changes were put in place by the Police and Crime Commissioner in a bid to reduce the cost of the Wiltshire Police estate by 20 per cent by 2021.

When the pandemic hit, the leisure centres were forced to close and so the touchdown points were no longer accessible. 

During the lockdowns, police have been seen using the station again which has led to speculation on whether the decision to sell the station would be reversed . 

Cllr Ian Thorn tweeted 'Good to see Calne police station in use during the pandemic. Surely it shows how useful the location is and a good reason not to close it after the pandemic ends.'thorn

 However, it would seem that the station is only back in use temporarily and there are no plans to reverse the decision to sell the site.
A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police told us: "Similar to other, previously closed police-owned sites, Calne Police Station is currently being used as office space to allow officers and staff more flexibility in socially distancing themselves whilst carrying out admin tasks and paperwork.

"This is to facilitate covid-secure working practices whilst in lockdown. There are no long-term plans to continue making use of the site after this time."