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A collection of cuddly bears which were donated to Calne Town Council to thank the community of Calne has been distributed to local residential care homes, Calne community groups and charities.

Calne resident, Wendy Crunden donated her collection of Charlie Bears as a way to 'pay the generosity forward' after the incredible support that a member of her family had been given from their local community during the past year.charlie bear2use

After much consideration of how best to share the bears within the local community, the team at Calne Town Council arranged for each of the Charlie Bears to be rehomed around the local area, at residential care homes, to support the efforts of Calne’s community groups, and local charities.

The bears were distributed to local residential care homes to support their residents and provide some much-needed cuddles, including The Firs Care Home LTD (Lickhill Rd, Calne), Kingston House (Lansdowne Crescent, Derry Hill), and The Maltings (Brewers Ln, Calne).charlie bear

The batch of remaining bears were shared amongst a selection of Calne’s community groups and charities, who have put them to good use to support their organisation. Help in the community, Paws for Pets (pet foodbank) Calne Wiltshire and Helping Survivors of Domestic Violence.charlie bear1