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A PLANNING application has been submitted by Wiltshire Council for the installation of solar panels to the roof of Calne library.

calne library calne news1If successful, the solar panels will be part of a larger project to install solar panels at several Wiltshire Council sites throughout the county.

Cllr Richard Clewer, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, said: “We are hoping to install solar PV panels at a number of our sites throughout the county, including Calne library, subject to government funding being available, as part of our work to reduce carbon emissions from our buildings.

“Where potential sites have been identified as requiring planning permission we have submitted the application in advance in order to enable works to get under way as soon as a funding decision is made.

“At Calne, as well as planning permission, we still need to confirm the structural integrity of the roof to support the system and the suitability of the local electricity infrastructure, before anything can be installed.

“We are hoping to install a system that would generate an estimated 21,100 kWh of electricity per year. The plan would be for any generated power to be used within the library. If successful, this installation will reduce electricity costs at the library by 50%, saving around £2,800 per year from the electricity bill.

“If the proposal is given planning permission, we hope this will be a successful addition to the many initiatives we have across the county to help achieve our pledge to make Wiltshire Council carbon neutral by 2030.

“But we must stress that these are only proposals at this stage and they will have to go through the planning process just like any other application.”

You can view the application HERE