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Calne Police were called to the former Co-Op shop in Mill Street yesterday following reports of youths on the roof and inside the fencing which had been put up to keep the site save and prevent access.

Several youths had been seen climbing over the boundary fencing and a small number had been seen on the roof of the building. Officers searched the site but by then the youths had fled. Police secured the site again, but later in the evening received further reports of entry into the youths

PCSO Mark Cook of the Calne Neighbourhood Police Team said: “Parents and Guardians please advise your children that this behaviour is extremely dangerous.

"The building has undergone extensive decommissioning where asbestos and other harmful items have been removed. Despite this, the building still poses a great risk as there is exposed deep lift shafts, unlit stairwells, broken glass, timber and uneven flooring. There also appears to be live electrical wiring still in youths1

“Additional boarding-up has also been removed to access the roof area. The roof of the building has exposed edges with no parapet or handrails. There is also a great deal of loose and broken masonry in places. A fall from this height would undoubtedly result in severe or fatal injuries.

“We have contacted with the site Manager with the assistance of Calne Town Council. They have advised us this is not the first time fencing has been removed or damaged. They have also assured us they will be putting additional measures into place to prevent further unauthorised access.

coop youths2
"Officers will be patrolling the building for the foreseeable future. Calne Town Council CCTV have also been requested to monitor the building, and if any unauthorised persons are seen gaining access it will be reported to us.

“Officers have to put themselves at great risk to enter the building to ensure no persons are inside. Please do not enter this site. It is extremely dangerous. It is not a playground.”

If you witness any youths entering this site, please call police on 101 or 999 if necessary.


photo credit: Calne Police