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Calne News has been contacted by several members of the public today who are worried about what appears to be an animal body floating in Doctor's Pond along with a pumpkin.

rat calne newsThe body is floating in the pond near to the bridge which leads to the former Co-Op.

One reader told us: "I think it is a rabbit or a cat, I'm not sure but it is definitely dead and not nice to see!"

Another resident said: "I think it is just a stuffed toy that has got caught up by the pumpkin."

Calne News went down to investigate and we believe it to be a deceased rat. How it came to be floating in the river with a pumpkin is a mystery, but as far as we can see, it doesn't look to be anything other than a rat.

The corpse has been reported to Wiltshire Council Environmental Health and we have asked for an update when available.