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Queues have built up outside the Household Recycling Centre in Lower Compton with an estimated wait time of currently 2.5 hours.

queuing dump comptonCars began to line up before the centre opened at 9.30am this morning.All of Wiltshire's household recycling centres (HRCs), bar Stanton St Quintin, reopened on Monday 18 May with an easy to use postcode entry system to help limit the number of people on site at any time and ensure social distancing.

Householders are only allowed to enter Wiltshire's HRCs on the days that correspond to the first part of your postcode. You can visit any Wiltshire site you choose, so while you are limited by the days they can attend, you can visit any Wiltshire HRC on these days. 

The site at Warminster had to be closed this week when queues began to tail back too far.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire council told Calne News: 'We only close sites when the queue is too long and we have a traffic issue. This is done on a dynamic basis by the teams on the ground, and where possible we reopen the sites once the queue has reduced. Please keep an eye on our social media for live updates of temporary closures.'

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