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Some residents in Calne will have woken up to find an expensive love-letter tucked under their windscreen wipers courtesy of Wiltshire Council today.

parking calneA parking enforcement officer has been deployed to Calne town this morning and he found rich pickings.parkingfine

One ticket was issued to a motorist who had left their car straddled between a parking bay and the pavement in a restricted hours parking area.

Further up London Road, another car had been left on a single yellow line where parking is prohibited between 8am and 5pm. This car had also been parked quite badly with its front half poking out into the road.

An elderly gentleman, who had been watching the officer at work commented: 'We never really see traffic wardens this end of town and yet we all manage don't we? Still I suppose they have to make their money where they can.'

parking calne3The Wiltshire Council van was last seen in The Green, so if you know you are parked illegally, it might be an idea to go and correct it quickly.parking calne1