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Kingsbury Green Academy in Calne will be playing host to a group of Chinese students next week.

kga chineseThe group are due to arrive on 28th January and stay for 6 days, during which time they will be spending three and a half days in the school..

The trip has been organised for the students to immerse themselves in British Culture. The Chinese students will be at KGA on school days and out on organised excursions at the weekend. They will be staying with host families who have students at the school.

The visit coincides with the news of a worrying new virus in China -Wuhan Novel Coronavirus. However, according to the World Health Organization, there is no need to be concerned.

The students who all attend Hangzhou Pingyao High School are currently being monitored on a daily basis by a school doctor and all students and their families have been issued with the appropriate advice. They will be travelling to Wiltshire from Hangzhou which is some 758km away from Wuhan where the virus is taking hold.

Based on the emerging evidence regarding case numbers, potential sources and human to human transmission, the risk to travellers  is moderate.

The risk to the UK population has been assessed as low. This has been raised from very low due to current evidence on the likelihood of cases being imported into this country.

Kingsbury Green Academy Principal Jason Tudor said:

“I can confirm we are still planning to welcome students from Hangzhou Pingyao High School at the end of this month. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is not advising restrictions on travel or trade, and Public Health England (PHE) has assessed the risk to the UK population as low. Of course, the health and safety of our students, staff and our host families is paramount, and we will continue to monitor the situation and follow the expert advice from WHO and PHE.

“Most cases of coronavirus flu are in the Central China city of Wuhan, where the virus originated. Wuhan has now effectively been placed in quarantine, as flights, trains and local public transport there have all been halted.

“Hangzhou, which is where the students who will be visiting us live, is in East China, about 16 hours’ drive from Wuhan. Hangzhou’s population is around 6.7 hangzhou wuhanmillion. There has been one case of coronavirus flu in Hangzhou, and that patient, who is known to have had direct contact with Wuhan, is being cared for in hospital.

“Hangzhou Pingyao High School has taken several precautions to ensure that students are fit and well to visit. The school’s doctor has been monitoring all students’ health daily, and the school has advised all families against travel within China for the forseeable future, and under no circumstances to visit Wuhan.

“The Chinese and UK authorities have put in place rigorous measures to assess the health of airline passengers, and the students and accompanying staff will all have their temperatures checked before they leave Hangzhou, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and on arrival at Gatwick.

“All our host families will be given clear instructions on what to do if a student shows any signs of being unwell. We will continue to monitor and follow PHE and WHO advice, but on current advice we expect to be able to welcome the students as planned.”